About the Ray Strong Project…

raystrongcover2The Ray Strong Project is a collaborative effort between the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery. The project was conceived in July of 2013 by Frank Goss and Jeremy Tessmer of Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery following conversations with Dr. Michael Whitt (a long time friend of the artist), Ellen Easton (of the Easton Gallery of Montecito, California), and the artist’s family. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History got involved soon after.

The Ray Strong Project is an effort to properly record and contextualize the artistic accomplishments of California artist, Ray Strong (1905-2006).  The project’s collaborators proposed two paths towards accomplishing that goal:

1.  A monographic book about Ray’s life and art. The Ray Strong Project  has successfully funded the first ever monograph on Ray Strong via Kickstarter.  Thank you to all of our backers and supporters. The book is now on sale.

2.  An online catalogue raisonné (a web enabled database with images, titles, dates, measurements, exhibition history, and provenance of every single Ray Strong painting and mural) This is still under development, but the many images submitted so far were invaluable in providing for a good representation of Ray Strong’s work in the monograph.


6 thoughts on “About the Ray Strong Project…

  1. We have an original Ray Strong that he signed in the last year of his life. It is an oil on metal of Soda Lake on the Carrizo Plains. If you are interested in photographing this for your collection, please let me know.
    Be of good cheer, Linda

  2. I have a large Ray Strong painting, approx 30″ x 72″. It is accompanied by a long handwritten letter by Ray describing it as “Barley Fields” at Las Cruces Ranch and the circumstances when he painted it.

    I mentioned the painting in an earlier email to you in March 2014 and sent along an image, so perhaps you already have the information you need.

  3. We own 3 Ray Strong paintings:

    1) Between Banff and Jasper National Forest – 1969 – 24″ x 36″
    2) Point Bonita, Marin Side of Golden Gate – Circa 1950′s – 24″ x 48″
    3) Hills Between Lone Pine and Big Pine – 1961 – 24″ x 36″

    If you wish, we can furnish images of these paintings.

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