Online Catalogue Raisonné

We are beginning the enormous task of creating an online catalogue raisonné (complete listing) of Ray’s oil paintings and murals.  This project will be a tremendous resource for artists, scholars, curators, and collectors.

Owners of Ray Strong paintings that want to have their paintings listed in the catalogue raisonné should contact  We will want:

  1. A digital image of the painting
  2. Title of the work (if known)
  3. Alternate titles of the work (if known)
  4. Date of the work (if known)
  5. Height and Width of the canvas or board on which Ray painted
  6. Exhibition history (if known)
  7. Any publication history of the work (if known)
  8. Place where you acquired the painting / known history of the painting’s ownership

At present, The Ray Strong Project is in contact with the maker and designer of specialized software for cataloging, displaying, and searching large lists of paintings and murals.  We have not set up the software yet, but when we do, we will begin to upload information.

Interns Needed

If you are an undergraduate or graduate art historian interested in pioneering the use of digital technology to create an online catalogue raisonné for a significant American artist, you can help The Ray Strong Project.  Contact us.  We are looking for conscientious, detail oriented applicants who have reasonable facility with spread sheets, word processing, and database entry as well as a working knowledge of American art history.  You must be able to donate one day per week.

One thought on “Online Catalogue Raisonné

  1. Dixon’s dates are 1875-1946. Thanks for the audio on Ray. A little hard to understand but with replay, I can get most of it. Is there a transcription of it? Mike

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