The Ray Strong Monograph

Not so long ago…

Not so long ago, we were announcing our intention to produce a book on Ray Strong.  We announced a plan, got financial backing, and executed that plan.  The book is now available.  Check back to learn where you can buy Ray Strong: American Artist.  It is $50. Read the Press Release to learn more.

Our Plan

  1. collect and organize biographical information DONE!
  2. collect photographs of the artist DONE!
  3. collect images of the artist’s murals and his best easel paintings DONE!
  4. collect and organize bibliographical information about Ray Strong DONE!
  5. raise the necessary funds for the production of the book DONE!
  6. select an established author DONE! (see below)
  7. select a representation of over 100 of his greatest works  DONE!
  8. arrange for a significant art publisher to produce and market the book DONE!

The Good News

You can help!  Ray was a beloved member of pretty much every community he ever lived in.  So, if you have photographs of the artist or if you own a painting, you can e-mail it to  If you can’t attach an image or don’t have your photographs digitized to send, don’t worry.  We’ll help you help The Project.  Call Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery at (805) 730-1460 for technical assistance.  Together, we are going to make this happen.

Museums Wanted

In the preparation of this book, we hope to establish a traveling exhibition of his paintings that would tour art museums in Oregon, Northern California, the Central Coast, Southern California and perhaps the Four Corners area.

2 thoughts on “The Ray Strong Monograph

    1. The Ray Strong Project is being done in cooperation with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. You can write the check to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, but make sure you specify that the check is being offered to The Ray Strong Project. Diane Wondolowski is the Chief Operating Officer for the S.B.M.N.H. She will have knowledge of the project. Please call (805) 730-1460 for clarification.

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